Rangitoto Island from Browns Bay, Auckland

My next project is based on this photo I took from Browns Bay Beach Auckland of Rangitoto Island


I am doing it in the style of  Ann Brauer. I love the way she does it. Unfortunately I have not figured out yet how to download a picture of hers into here.

I always want my things to be finished quickly. I am impatient to see the end result. I had not looked at the piece properly and started making mine with oblongs, whereas if you look closely at Ann’s all her pieces are curved.



I have not figured out how to do the tree very well yet. I am happy enough with the trunk of it but the branches and leaves are not uniform enough for the style. To get the glimpses of sky coming through the branches, I have made some smaller pieces but it is not working.   The only thing is though, that to make them uniform they will not have the randomness of a tree. I will just have to think of a way to do them horizontally like all the other pieces.

I have not even started on the island, which is supposed to be the main feature of the project.

I am happy with the colour combinations though.

I am thinking of going back to the beginning and starting again.