The group that I now belong to (Village Stitchers) had a Bargello demonstration one night and I figured that would be a good time to go and see what that group was up to. I liked what I saw and decided to give it a go. We all made Bargello placemats or table runners over the next few weeks. Although placemats are not what I want to make, I figured that the experience might come in handy. It certainly did. Not the Bargello itself, but the way it is put together. I have a lot of other things in mind that could all use the method of sewing onto the backing that was used. My previous item, “Blue on Blue” would probably have benefitted from using that sewing method. Never mind. That is called “experience”.

It was quite amazing how different the articles looked. Just having different colour combinations made a huge difference. Each was beautiful in its own way.

This is my version.




The back is not very neat. I learnt later that I should have been using a longer stitch when sewing material onto a batting.


It does not look too bad though and I do not think my dinner guests will pick up their placemat and look at the underside, do you?



To make the binding I was given a sheet of paper with instructions, which I have now mislaid. I found this tutorial though which is exactly the same method. So easy and produces lots of bias to use.