A little bit further

Well time has certainly moved on.  My art has too although I think you could say “quality not quantity”.  Well, perhaps not even quality.  Anyway I have made two significant things – at least to my mind.

A table runner seemed like a fairly good way to try out some of the amazing things I have stumbled across on the internet.  I have made inset circles, applique circles, free form patchwork, crazy patchwork, and all sorts of other bits and pieces all in this one piece. I love it. It goes well with my first piece hanging on the wall too.







After I finished this I bought myself a new sewing machine.  A local store had a half price sale on the Singer Anniversary 160 model so I decided to treat myself.  If I was doing this runner again it would not have zigzag stitching everywhere, it would have all sorts of fancy ones.  I love my new machine.  I will have to get into actual quilting now and try out my free form foot.

My next leg of the journey into the art world was to more or less copy David Hockney’s Nichols Canyon painting.  Mostly I followed Rose Hughes’ method again  but with a few extras built in.

David Hockney Nichols Canyon 003s

David Hockney Nichols Canyon 004s

Click on the picture above or the one below to enlarge and see the detail.

David Hockney Nichols Canyon 005s

David Hockney Nichols Canyon 006s

I bound this piece using the very easy to follow instructions on a U-tube by Heirloom Creations How to Bind a Quilt – 6 Simple Steps.   I am really pleased with the binding. I used a multi coloured thread and one of the fancy stitches from my new Singer.